Thursday, 7 December 2017

WEEK 8 : Prize giving!!!

Our little elves were on the look out for what was to come in todays junior prize giving. Red noses...check, cute freckles...check and correct uniform...SUPER check!

It was amazing to see the amount of support from the community who came out today to tautoko the achievements tamariki have made and to also hear about the new journeys some of our teachers and students will make next year. 

Look at the massive turn out from all our magical Christmas helpers that attended our Junior school prize-giving awards. From elves to reindeer to santa clauses and even Christmas Warriors!! What an amazing achievement tamariki ma! 

 A super big congratulations to Chris Fenton who moved 2 years in his reading from a level 1 to a whopping 18 in nine months! Tino pai rawe Chris!!!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Week 7 : Buddy Class antics

What a week its been! The seniors are back the school is full again and the sun is shinning so bright! 

Our buddy class really enjoyed their buddy camp letters and so we started some decorations with them for both our classes seeing as its the 1st of December today!!!! 

We're in the works of making snowflakes and a paper chain tree. 

It was a great way to talk about camp, what's happening in our lives and what our plans are for the Christmas break. 

Stay tuned for our decorations!!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Week 6 : White ribbon day

With the raising awareness of White Ribbon Day which is to teach our boys how to respect women we spoke about what we need to do to respect girls in our classroom. 

Mary Jane- So we don't fight and argue
Hazel - So that there aren't any fights 
Angela- So we know how to be kind and to say kind words 
 Steaphen - Be respectful of them 

Here we are learning more about each other and looking at similarities that we share. Such as having the same favourite colour and sharing the same birthday month. 

We were put into buddies 1 boy with 1 girl to practice respecting each other. We had to come up with buddy names, a rule that we had to keep and also play, work with and talk too our buddy the whole day. 

The Super Whales 

The Super Batmen

The Transformers

The Ninja Turtles 

The Pokemon Go cars 

The Fright-night Freddy and the Fun-time Freddy

The Black Shadows

Here are our groups that we were put in. Some of us it was the first time talking to each other.

At first it was very difficult for the boys not to just sit with the boys and the girls not to sit with the girls. The classroom was an awkward silence but didn't last very long because they soon found out they couldn't move on to the next activity without their buddy finishing.

We did an exercise where we had to make a promise to ourselves about 1 thing we were going to change to show more respect towards the girls/women/people in our lives. Here are some of the examples from our boys.

Here are our winning buddies who took care of each other the best. Who worked alongside them, who treated them with respect the whole day and also kept their rules they had from the beginning of the day. Congratulations Tamariki ma. 

Week 6: Camp Letters

For writing on Tuesday we wrote letters to the High Flyers to see what they're getting up to while they're on camp and also to let them know we're thinking of them. 

On Wednesday with Miss A we published our letters and then on Thursday we finished off our pictures, made our envelopes and stuck on our stamps all ready to send to the High Flyers/Buddy Class. 

We send them with love and hope you enjoy our words of encouragement. We can't wait to see you today!! Safe Travels :)

Week 6: Swimming TIME!!!

It was that time again to enter into the swimming pool too cool off! It was quite hot already and the cold water was the right time to have a quick dip. 

Look at the awesome new rules that were up in the pool area to remind us to be safe in and around the pool. 

We kept all the school pool rules Mr. Vasau :)

We were learning how to use a flutter board to help us move through the water. First we walked with our flutter board, then we bounced, jumped ran and eventually gain the confidence needed to float kick using our boards!!

 We came out of the pool shivering and cold so it was only right that we had a little sun bathe while waiting for the rest of our class to join us. Roll on summer holidays and the endless days of swimming and sun bathing.